Estonian Cup 4th stage and Erik von Holst’s Cup 2018 17.03-18.03.2018

This weekend (17.03-18.03.2018) is planned to sail postponed Estonian Cup 4th stage for DN and Ice-Optimist. For Ice-Optimist it also will be the Estonian Championship 2018.

On 17.03-18.03.2018 Monotype-XV is competing for Estonian Championship 2018 and Erik von Holst’s Cup.

The competition will take place in Orissaare, Saaremaa

Results :





Ice-Optimist C2 protestib C1’e. Protesti arutamine toimub pühapäeval 18.03.2018 kell 09:00 Orissaare sadamas!



Ferry schedule and tickets (

Everybody is welcome!

NOR for IO and DN

NOR for Monotype-XV